Our history:

This is the story of our family business, Regals Maribel S.L.U. Narrated by Antoni Hurtado Bonsfills.

It all began in 1992 in Tàrrega, where we began our journey. My father, Antonio Hurtado García, a visionary and passionate manager, spearheaded the opening of the first store. It was more than an event; marked a milestone by boldly presenting the revolutionary "TOT A 100" concept in Tàrrega, making it one of the pioneers in Tàrrega and surrounding areas.

This business model turned out to be a resounding success, thanks to the strategy of offering highly competitive prices.

In that At the time, no one offered what we offered: practical and essential products that satisfied everyday needs. There was no competition. It was a game changer, and the population noticed it and gave us their acceptance. Now, in our days as Fielhogar, the essence endures with the same modernized 100% concept: fixed prices and a specialization focused on household items, with an emphasis on kitchen and textiles. The narrative continues, but the mission remains the same: Offer essential products for daily household tasks, of quality and at unbeatable prices, always focusing on excellent customer service.

Model expansion ''all to 100''

In 1994, after the resounding success of our first store, Antonio took a bold step and opened the second in Tàrrega. The acceptance was overwhelming, and that same impulse led us, in 1997, to open our third store in Lleida.

As the new millennium approached, by 2002, we already had a total of seven stores, consolidating our presence in Tàrrega and Lleida. However, the golden era with the "Tot a 100" business model faced an unexpected challenge: the arrival of Chinese stores that dominated the market.

Faced with this situation, in a visionary act, we transformed our stores, giving rise to the brand "Habit of decoration and furniture" in 2008.

Key step: Our Warehouse

In 1998 we bought our first warehouse in the La Serra Industrial Park, in Anglesola, Lérida. This decisive step not only represented physical growth, but also became a key element to streamline our supply processes and perfect product replenishment in all our stores.

Habit: 2008 - 2018

In 2008, the company faced the impossibility of competing with the Chinese market characteristic of "Everything at 100".

Faced with this situation, we decided to transform our stores, giving rise to the "Habit" brand. This strategy consisted of reorienting our focus towards decoration and furniture, abandoning direct competition with low-cost Chinese products.

Our new brand, Habit, stood out for offering a wide range of furniture and decoration products, and we differentiated ourselves through quality and design. We were specifically targeting an audience with higher purchasing power, thus marking a strategic transition to maintain relevance in the market.

In 2018 we decided to abandon the Habit brand due to the low demand we had during these years. We knew that it was a complicated market, with low demand and a low target audience in the Tàrrega and Lérida areas.

Change of concept

Aware of the changing demands of our customers, we made the strategic decision to transform our store concept. Initially known as "Habit," we evolved into an approach focused on offering affordable prices and practical items for the home.

This change reflects our commitment to providing affordable and functional solutions for our customers' everyday needs.

We abandoned specialization in high-end decoration and furniture to rescue our old business model "Everything at 100," adapting it to contemporary demands. We stand out for quality, affordable prices (fixed at €5, €10, etc.) and a wide variety of household items. This change was inaugurated with the opening of our new store in Mollerussa on February 1, 2019, initially under another commercial name that we later modified to Fielhogar.

The exceptional acceptance of this new business model encouraged us to persevere on the path we have always followed and we know works. At Fielhogar, we continue to provide our customers with quality products at affordable prices, delivering on our promise to be the trusted choice for home essentials.

The birth of Fielhogar

The fall of Habit left a deep mark on me. The store, located in Tàrrega and linked to my school days, became a place where I spent many afternoons studying at the tables we sold. This particular dynamic, with a child studying in the store, created a special connection with customers.

My entrepreneurial spirit, inherited from my father, manifested itself from an early age. It was clear to me that to progress we needed to have more of an online presence. In January 2019, I started the Instagram account @fielhogar, sharing inspiring content that attracted over 10,000 followers. With the registered brand, we launched the faithfulhogar.es website in September 2019.

Although I lacked experience, I supported my learning with YouTube training videos. My friend David joined the project, collaborating in the creation of the website, product photography and descriptions. Initially successful, we invoiced more than €10,000 in 2019. However, challenges arose when I started my university career in Barcelona, making it difficult to manage the website without being in the warehouse.

2019 - First Fielhogar Store

October 25, 2019 marked a significant milestone with the opening of our first physical store, Fielhogar, in Balaguer.

Since then, our store has demonstrated sustained success. The reasons are as follows: We are committed to transparent and fair policies, we generate trust and loyalty. We offer unbeatable prices, standing out in the market and providing exceptional value. We prioritize quality, carefully selecting durable and functional products. Our wide variety of home goods meets diverse needs, backed by unwavering, proactive and exceptional customer service.

This comprehensive approach has allowed Fielhogar to not only establish itself in Balaguer, but also thrive to this day. During 2022 we changed the commercial name of the store from Mollerussa to Fielhogar, and we opened our third Fielhogar store in Tàrrega, on August 19, 2022.

2022 - Fielhogar en Tàrrega

El 19 de agosto de 2022 inauguramos nuestra tienda en Tàrrega. Nos hizo especial ilusión ya que hemos estado viviendo aquí toda la vida.

Empresa Familiar - Padre e Hijo

Que sería de un hijo sin su padre? Que sería de un padre sin su hijo? Mi padre tiene años de experiencia y yo domino las nuevas tecnologías, juntos hacemos un equipo imparable.

2022 - Cambio de imagen en Mollerussa

2023 - Expansion

In the exciting chapter of 2023, we chart our path of expansion, opening our doors in three different locations.

On May 6 in Igualada, a city that received us with curiosity, where we reflected our concept to a population that we had never been to before.

On July 31, it was the turn of Hospitalet de Llobregat, a unique experience in bringing our products to a larger urban environment, where we met an older audience that requires exceptional customer service and a carefully selected selection of products.

Finally, on September 31 (a date that will remain in our memory), Manresa welcomed us with open arms. It was a significant milestone, marking the culmination of our expansion journey. Compared to the other 2 stores, it was the most complicated due to works and permits, but also the largest and most visible.

Each location has its story and each opening is a unique narrative in our journey. We have built more than a store; We have built a story that has only just begun.

Tienda en Tàrrega

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Carrer de Sant Pelegrí, 16, 25300 Tàrrega, Lleida

Horarios de la Tienda
Lunes a Sábado:

9:0 - 13:30, 17:00 - 20:30
Domingo: Cerrado

Tienda en Balaguer

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Carrer d'Urgell, n.21, 25600 Balaguer, Lleida

Horarios de la Tienda
Lunes y Sábado:

De 9:00h - 14:30h y de 16:30h - 20:30h

Martes, Miércoles, Jueves y Viernes:

De 9:00h a 20:30h

Domingo: Cerrado

Tienda en Mollerussa

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Carrer d'Arbeca, 24, 25230 Mollerussa, Lleida

Horarios de la Tienda
Lunes a Sábado:

9:30 - 13:30, 16:30 - 20:30
Domingo: Cerrado

Tienda en Igualada

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Carrer d'Òdena, 22, 08700 Igualada, Barcelona

Horarios de la Tienda
Lunes a Sábado:

9:30 - 13:30, 16:30 - 20:30
Domingo: Cerrado

Fielhogar Manresa

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Carrer de Barcelona, 13, 08242 Manresa, Barcelona

Horarios de la Tienda
Lunes a Sábado:

9:00 - 14:00, 16:30 - 20:30
Domingo: Cerrado

Fielhogar Hospitalet

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Carrer Pareto, 18, 08902, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

Horarios de la Tienda
Lunes a Sábado:

9:00h - 14:00h y de 16:30h - 20:30h
Domingo: Cerrado